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New Dollars Throught New Marketing

** All Scenic Coast Members receive a $10.00 discount on this class, please log into the website before registering. **

Course Description:

There has been a shift in the way REALTORS® must advertise their services to clients. REALTORS® can no longer depend on the local ad in a newspaper or a picture on the corner bus bench as the primary marketing tool for new clients. The new real estate marketing requires a learned strategy to increase lead generation through improved client interaction and developing a personal brand.

During this powerful three-hour class you will learn how to maximize your activity using social marketing by developing effective posts, links, and videos. Discover how Google AdWords and the "Groupon" strategy can be the "new" effective way to advertise your services. Gain the essential skills you need to connect with more clients on the Internet and watch your real estate business grow.

How You Will Benefit From Taking This Course:

  • Lead your customers where you want them to be
  • Identify effective and profitable social networking advertising using Facebook and Twitter
  • Understand how to effectively use videos
  • Develop a YouTube channel
  • Learn how to effectively advertise using Google Adwords
  • Understand the "Groupon" strategy and learn how to develop for real estate promotions
  • Improve how you manage your leads

What This Course Covers:

  • Facebook
    • Posting content that's shared
    • Pages
    • Targeted ads
    • Sponsored stories
  • Twitter
    • Posting content that's shared
    • Promoted tweets
  • YourTube
    • Creating compelling and interesting content
    • Hosting videos on YouTube
    • Creating an effective YouTube channel
  • Google Adwords
  • Groupon strategy
  • Lead Management

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